bad boys..

by madiniven

Hmm…What to write about??

Ah.. yes. When we pulled up into my neighborhood… a few minutes ago… there sat two Cop cars. We rarely see Cops in our neighborhood… in fact, when we do see them… they are usually just riding around..more like chilling behind the wheel, no worries on that his/her mind.

The looks on the cops faces tonight were serious.. the good fellas were surrounding a handful of teens..(with scared faces) and two older women.. holding two dogs ( Which is very random…might I add!)

Well… I have no idea what happened..since my family and I were only driving by the odd scene.

This blog seems as though its going to be very random.. 🙂

I don’t remember this… but apparently when I was a wee little lass.. I would always say… ” Bad Boy’s..Bad Boy’s.. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?!”

Why in the world would I say that??  I used to watch cops a lot.. and that is the theme song.. s0 whenever I would get mad at anyone.. instead of biting them or screaming.. I would sing that song.

I think that God is coming after you… I’m not talking about The Rapture.. ( Even though He is coming!!!)

But like.. I think God is and always has wanted a relationship with you! Some point during your life.. you will have heard of Jesus Christ.. and when you do.. it’s like God is coming after you.

I think that God doesn’t just sit back and let people go on in their life without knowing Him.. He is and will always put people in your life that lead you back to Him… I think that’s the way He comes after most people… by speaking through other people.

But… what happens when He comes after you?

What do you do?

Do you accept the fact that your Creator is seeking a relationship with you?

I have heard this song… by Desperation Band

“If all we have is love.. then all I have is You.. If life is what we choose.. my choice is you.. I’m coming your way.. I’m coming your way”

But what happens when one isn’t going God’s way… then God starts coming your way!!! Does this make sense?

God loves you so much.

I love this song we sing in church..I don’t know the name of it..

“I call your name
Lord you reply
You bring your kingdom
To stand by my side”

This song just makes me think of God.. coming down from heaven… with billions of army angels… when I say army angels.. I don’t mean little flute/harp playing angels… no I imagine.. beastly creatures.. with the face of an angel.. but the body of a guy who can lift twenty thousand pounds..

When God comes your way… He is coming with an army.. to stand by your side.. with whatever life throws at you.

Here is a good verse to live by..

ROmans 12:1

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is true worship.”

I hope you have enjoyed my blog of randomness! 😀

Have a swell day or night.. whatever time of the day that your reading this!