3rd day…

by madiniven

Matthew 6:9 ” Our Father… who lives in heaven…”

Do you like the image of God as a father? Why?

I do. I have a good dad. He provides me with what I need… and he loves me. I think that I’m really blessed to have a dad who follows after God. So when the verse uses the word “father” for God… it makes a close connection, like God isn’t wanting to be a ruler of us… he wants to be a father.. he wants a relationship with me. I think it’s a pretty big deal.

Where is heaven? What does it mean that the Father is in heaven?

Pastor Jeremy has said heaven is where ever God’s perfect rule and will is. So, I think that heaven is… where ever God reigns. I’m honestly not sure what it means “Father is in heaven”… maybe it’s meaning that God is where His perfect will is… but then why would He want to step out of His perfect will and have a relationship with us? I’m not sure.. but just the thought of God longing for a relationship with everyone that roams on this planet (approximately 6.8 billion people) I can’t even imagine that many people.. much less having a relationship with them…like God wants too!!!