2 Reflexes…

by madiniven

This is my second post for Prayer experiment.  I’m putting a number in front of each of my posts for p.e.. Their will be thirty in all. Again… answer the questions for yourself!

When things happen in your life that bring concern, anxiety or fear-what is your reflex?

I honestly… get really fearful. Then… I get someone to pray with me…actually for me. I am not sure why.. but I feel like when another person prays for me… that God will listen to them..and respond quicker than if I prayed. I know this is a lie. But I can’t help it…I guess I have never answered a question like this…so it makes me think.. why don’t I trust God to answer my prayers?

How can you make prayer a reflex in your life?

I think for me.. to make prayer a reflex.. I’ll have to put all my trust in God. I can’t think He only answers my parents prayers for me.. but that He can answer prayers from my mouth!!!

This journal entry was short!!! 😀