1 Eruption…

by madiniven

Okay.. so I didn’t write the Journal for Prayer Experiment on Monday like I had planned to do.

Prayer Experiment is something Edge (a small, group of teenagers) is doing. I’m going to journal about it three times a week. So… Here is my first day of the experiment. ( You can like do this too!! Read the questions and answer them for yourself)

What is a word picture or metaphor that can be used for prayer?

For a while I have felt really distant from God. I’ve felt like God is being hung on a fishing pole… and ever time I reach for Him.. to go deeper into a relationship with God… It’s as though someone or something is pulling Him away… like tauntingly. I know God is always there in my reach but when I pray… to Him.. I feel like I am yanking the fishing pole out of the enemy’s hand. I am not sure if this make sense… but I haven’t prayed lately. Tonight.. that changed. I felt like God was by my side as the Edge kids prayed over each other.

Have you felt your prayers are pointless at times?

Indeed I have! When I pray out loud my words jumble together and I mess up.. and when my prayers aren’t answered in the time I want… I get frustrated. I know God’s thoughts aren’t my thoughts… so He knows whats best for me… but sometimes when I pray… I feel like God just plugs His ears. I know this isn’t true… but it’s the only way to explain my thoughts.

What do you think about praying?

I think that praying is a conversation with God. Not something that is all planned out about what your going to say. Because if I walk up to you… I’m not going to have it all planned out.. I’m going to let it flow.. and like let it be a two-sided conversation. Praying is something that can change a life… and praying takes patience. God may not answer your prayer the way you want Him too, or the how fast you want Him too. All in all… Prayer makes a difference.