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by madiniven

I again.. have nothing to talk about. So.. I will just “wing it”.

Today… during class, I saw something that kind of bothered me. It wasn’t anything big. I just noticed that like some people at my school… don’t like each other that much.

Our school is so small..like 300 hundred people…k5-12th grade. So when I see people just downright like being mean to each other.. or making fun of a fellow student… it like bothers me…deep down.  I go to a Christian school.. so when I see stuff like this, I think….

“Seriously guys, Let’s step it up…act like the name of our school”

Now… I’m not perfect.. I have made fun of people before, but I feel like my eyes have recently been opened,over the past few months, to the stupidity of making fun of others. Showing love towards others is way cooler than being mean.

Romans 5:8

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

(I’m trying to make sense of my thoughts…so please tell me if i confuse you.)

I think God could have showed us his love.. in a much painless way. He could have just stopped the whole earth, when the stuff with Adam and Eve happened in the Garden of Eden… and put some sort of knowing in Adam and Eve’s mind.. where they would know God loves them…so they wouldn’t need the knowledge of good and evil.

But… He didn’t.

Why didn’t He? I have no idea… His thoughts are not mine… He knows a whole lot more than me.

So… God saw that the Earth He created… needed love.

How could God show His love…. where everyone would lived would know of it?

He had to do something… our world was so broken… with no hope.

But He had an awesome thought!!!

He would send HIS one and only son to live on the earth.. to live the way God wanted all of us to live… Sinless.

But sending His son… would only show the people that Jesus made contact with… about God’s love… Right?

So… He sent His only son… to not only live on this earth… but to die.

Everyone dies… but Jesus… He died a painful death. Even His own father had to turn away from the gruesomeness of the death of his only son.

How does that show us His love?

God saw this world He created… we were hopeless.

When Jesus died… and conquered the grave… He pretty much handed us the keys to our hope.

But to get the hope behind the locked door… we have to accept Him… for who He is… Our Savior.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… Be like God… show His love to others.. even if you don’t like the person.