the Boy on the rocky road…

by madiniven

I played with my dogs today… Well they aren’t “MY” dogs… they’re the family dogs.

We have two dogs… a golden retriever(Dallas) and a beagle(Rosco).  They are so funny. Dallas always has a goofy look on his face…and Rosco is just a cute little puppy.

I was standing in the cage with them…petting them.. and I got really bored.

So.. I put them on their leashes and took them on a stroll through our neighborhood.

We didn’t get far… I’m serious, five minutes into the walk… the dogs started to tangle themselves up in the leashes.

Within seconds both of the dogs leashes were wrapped around me and they both had a very familiar..stupid/goofy look on their faces.

I have seen this look on their face so many times. The “look” always appears when one or the other has done something extremely dumb.

I think sometimes I get tangled up in so many different things in life… that like my concentration on God is forgotten. My dogs and me were a walk and when we got tangled up… all of us forgot what we had planned to do.

We were planning on going on a walk…but ended up having to turn around.  As Christ-followers we have to keep our concentration on our walk with God… not the little problems in life that get us tangled up..

Psalm 37:23-34

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
Though they stumble, they will never fall,
for the Lord holds them by the hand.”

God isn’t going to just watch you get in a tangled mess…. if you stumble…God’s going to catch you.

God is always by your side.

I saw a boy on our rocky road… he was walking up the hill…bicycle by his side.. I promise you… by the look on his face.. he had his eyes on the prize.

I think we should be like the boy… eyes on God… no distractions..