DOg on a leash…

by madiniven

For today’s post… I’m going to be like a dog on a leash… I pray right now… that God will lead me… to like write whatever someone needs to hear… my ears are open.

I just turned my Ipod on… “From the Inside Out” by Hillsong came on..

The art of losing myself… How does one lose them-self in God… For God…?

I have no idea.

Maybe losing your self to bring God praise…. is like forgetting about whatever is happening in your life… and just sitting in God’s presence.

From the inside out… my SOUL cries out.

God put something in our souls..when he made us… that absolutely wants a relationship with Him.

Our souls cry out for a deep relationship with Him… to the ends of the world.. we all want a relationship with our Creator…

But then… why don’t people like…love Him the way I do… or like the way you do?

Something else has tried to fill the void of our souls emptiness. When God isn’t there… then something else is.. right?

Vile ( feeling like your worthless)

Our own Desires


Darkness… hatred…

God put a hunger in all of us for him…

He is waiting to fill the void… empty space in your soul.

The enemy uses this hunger for God… and twists it into something God never intended for it to be.

The Devil is like a thief… he seriously does not care about your well being… what he does… is he tries to mess up God’s plan for your life.

JOhn 10:10

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Don’t let the enemy fill the void space… let God.

God is like going to bring you life.


Oh yeah…. I am going to be doing a new journal thing…called Prayer Experiment on my blog… so Monday, Wednesday and Friday will have two blogs… my normal one.. and my P.E. journal!!! 😀