by madiniven

                     I’ve watched that t.v. show before….Look-A-Like…

Three judges sit at a long table… and hundreds of people come in… the person says who they think they look alike. And then…one lucky person gets a makeover… to look exactly like the actor/actress that he or she favors.

              I have been told I favor Anne Hathaway. I think it’s because of the bangs. 

How crazy awesome would it be if someone told you… “Hey… Johhny.. you remind me of Jesus.”

How would you respond?  What if God was your look-a-like…. not in outward appearances…but by the way you act.

          What if instead of acting like the people who are famous…we acted like Christ.

God is like calling us to act like Him.

Romans 12:2

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

 I don’t think that Christianity is a religion where we check off our name for going to church…to get into heaven… CHRISTianity is a way of life.

This may be a stretch… but like the judges of your look-a-like are your peers,family, and even just random people who watch what you do and say. So I know judging people is not good. But like I’m talking about everyone around you watching you and seeing who your look-a-like is…

We have to live like Christ.

Be a look-a-like of Jesus.