Ears are made for hearing…

by madiniven

He is everywhere.

He sees everything.

 He is like a ninja…except even better.

Darkness runs from the brilliance of His light.

He speaks life into His children…

 When He speaks… hearts are changed…lifes are turned around…people are healed.

                                             “Your the vocie I hear calling my name
Your the song inside my head.. Your the whisper in the wind and rain..When I listen…”- Rob Sperti

He speaks through everything… through nature, through people, honestly… He speaks through anything He wants to speak through.

He chooses to speak to us…. But we have to choose to listen to Him.

 We sang that song by Rob Sperti tonight at youth.. and I began to think about how God speaks through so many things.

 I think that what most people think is…God is only going to speak us during church or worship… but that is such a messed up way of thought…

God is everywhere. He speaks through anything. So…then He can speak to you at Wal-mart when a lady is crying…or when some stranger knocks on your door at night..needing help.. (This actually happened to me.. and my siblings when we were younger)

              God is speaking.

Are you listening?