Surrounded… yet alone…

by madiniven

I saw her.

She was sitting with friends… surrounded…. but the look on her face… showed a different thing… she was all alone. I know some of her story… she has had a rough life.

I was at this youth thing for the “middle-schoolers”… it was a retreat for them. I was one of a hand full of the high-schoolers  there. We were there to have God ears. To listen to God… and to act on what we heard.

My youth pastor talked to the younger kids about having God ears… and how the “older” kids were going to pray for them. I know it seems like a “no biggie” but for me it was.

I don’t like talking to people I don’t know… much less praying for them. So… I had to have God ears… I started praying… “God.. like who? Who should I pray for? And What?”

I felt nothing.

“Alright God… help me out. Okay… let me see…. the next girl I make eye contact with… let that be the one I need to pray for!”

Ahhh…. of course. The girl who had a hand full of friends sitting around her..

Oh… gosh. What should I like pray with her about???? (I’m trying to get better at praying in front of people)

So… I got some advice about what I should do….

I walked over to her… and sat down.

I talked to her about God’s love… and how it over-powers the enemies lies.

Then I prayed… not a grandiloquent one… (read my page about prayers) I said a small one.

Do I know if God spoke to the girl through me?

I’m not sure.

But I have this new feeling.

An excitement for God… that I haven’t felt in a while! Like I feel like I just want to be in God’s presence with all the youngsters again!

Maybe what I said to her didn’t mean a thing…. but like I feel a brand new fire in me… growing for God!

God… like didn’t send us out a light in this perfect land…. but more like a light in this sad… broken land!

So…. look for the girls in the corner at your school… the ones surrounded… yet all alone… those are the one’s Jesus went after!