by madiniven

I’ve never encountered a bear before.

But if i ever do.. i will be sure to blog about it.

Oh.. but I have seen commercials with bears  in it, and it usually ends with the bear trying to attack the person or the person’s cereal! (p.s. i love monkey commercials)

So… all in all… BEARS are no good.

Proverbs 17:12

“Better to meet a grizzly robbed of her cubs
than a fool hellbent on folly.”

I just googled “Bear attacks” and almost everyone of the posts I have read say… “_______ was attacked and killed by a bear”

In the biblio it is really saying… that it is better to come in contact with a bear… not only a bear, but a bear that’s cubs were robbed from her.

Momma bears don’t like it that much when someone steals there cubs.. so if a human(s) comes into contact with the angry beast…. then I am positive that the person or person’s will not come out alive.

What does this bible verse mean then?

Go to a place where bears roam and willingly let them attack you? No.

Okay.. so i’ll come back to the  bears in a minute..

Let’s focus on the  ” Fool hellbent on folly”.

You know what a fool is…  and Here is the definition for hellbent: Impetuously or recklessly determined to do or achieve something.

Folly= stupidness.

So A fool hellbent on folly= a stupid person recklessly determined to act stupid.

Then Why would the bible say.. it’s better to be like around an angry bear (who lost her babies) than to be around a foolish person who is downright determined to act stupid?

I think it’s because a person who is that FOOLish can affect you.

A person like the one in the verse can ultimately overtime ruin your relationship with God.

SO… it’s more worth it to be murdered by a bear… than lose a relationship with your Creator due to a foolish friend!

This verse is showing how serious a relationship with God is!!!

He loves you more than anyone!!!!