The Back Road…

by madiniven

The Back Road… That’s what our family calls it.. it’s the road past our neighborhood.

Do I know the real name of the road? No.

One night… when my family was crammed into the van, riding on the “back road”… my dad started singing a song.

I had no idea what the song was… so I started singing a faster song. Then my mom and sister joined in with our random singsong fest!

Haha… I just wish you could have seen the look on my brothers face! It was quite funny. He just sat there quietly.. but I could tell he wished he was home.. earphones on.. laptop placed on his lap.. peace and quiet was what he had longed for.

Sometimes in my life I just wish for a peaceful.. quiet place to spend time with God.

I love nature.. and it’s so peaceful outside… but I am paranoid.

Why? You might ask.. Are You paranoid??

I guess I have watched way too much 24 and prison break.

I really want a place where I can meet God. Just me and God.. No one else.

No distractions.

I really want a relationship with God like David had.

I read Psalm 119 today. It’s a really long chapter, I think it took me twenty minutes to read it..

I kind of read this chapter in prayer form though. Like.. I was reading it.. and praying it for myself at the same time.

I feel like there is a theme to this chapter. David keeps saying.. GOD teach me your commandments, I will Obey your Commandments!

I want that same fire in me.  I want to not get sleepy when I read the bible. But I want to hunger for GOd’s word!

God… Place that same fire,that was in David, in me. Amen!