by madiniven

Okay..  I walked into this store and started looking at some dresses.

I,of course, had to try them on. So I went to the bathroom/storage closet/dressing room.

“AHHHH!”  I am not even kidding when i say, I had a FULL Amish beard.  I had to think.. Have I had this beard forever?

Haha, my brother saw me and started telling me some very helpful “beard” shaving techniques.. so of course i had to put the tips to good use!  Then after all the raggedy  hair was gone.. I went to see my dad. He looked at me and said in a fatherly tone… ” You’ll always be my Tiny Tim!”

I’m already imagining your confused look. No. This didn’t happen in real life… instead this was a funny/strange dream I had a while back!

So… I had another one of those strange dreams last night.. but sadly it was so strange my mind can barely remember it.

In the bible…  God used a dream to speak to Joesph. Now.. I’m not saying my amish beard dream meant something and was a God dream. Because.. I know it wasn’t.

God spoke to Joesph and used Him mightily. But Joesph had to have faith in God to make the dream become a reality.

Joesph listened to God.

God speaks through so many different ways to so many different people. To Joesph he spoke through a dream, Moses through a burning bush, Balaam through a talking donkey(Numbers 22:21-41).

God is so creative!

God speaks through so many things… be ready to listen.