by madiniven

I recently learned how to play a game called Ninja. You have to get into a group and make a ninja pose.. then you try to hit the  person’s hand on either side of you. But you can only do it in one move.. and the person is allowed to dodge it.

It’s one of those goofy games where even though there is a winner… none of the losers care because it is so much fun. I taught some little kids this game last night. And It was hilarious!!!

We all started talking in Japanese “Ninja” voices.  One time my mom was telling us to calm down and I walked up to her and started saying …. ” NeeShawHa”….. Then all the little kids joined in around me in saying “NeeShawHa”

Haha, My mom could no longer hold in the laughter! It was so funny because last night… “NeeShawHa” meant so many different things.

It meant.. Come here, hurry, be quiet, Your outta the game! Pretty much the made up word meant whatever we wanted it to mean.

I had so much fun just goofing around.

So last night as I was about to doze off to sleep, I began thinking about how we are “Ninja’s” per say.. for Christ.  I know this sounds crazy… but Ninja’s on movies… always seem to be on a mission. They are ready to serve there masters at all times.

Now I have only seen a few ninja movies but the ninjas are always in training.

Shouldn’t Christians always be in training? Like by learning how to further God’s kingdom.. or even just by reading The Biblio.. and living by it daily. In other words… be a ninja. 😀 and buy some black clothes to complete the ensemble..