Like a child…

by madiniven

What do kids do when it is lightening outside?
They run into their parents arm… clinging to their mommy or daddy until the storm passes.

When I was a little kid… I ALWAYS stayed by my parents side. I never wanted them to leave my sight… a homebody some may call it.   Haha, my parents had trouble getting me to school at age 5-9…. simply because I never wanted to go anywhere without with them.  I remember those times of getting on the bus… and staring out at the window.. just wishing I could go run into their arms and stay there forever!

Psalm 63:8

“I cling to you;
your strong right hand holds me securely.”

Do you cling to God? During the storms and sunshine? God is by your side..through the rough times and the good.  So.. why can’t you and I go back to the days of clinging onto our Heavenly Father? Like a child.

When a child clings to “mommy or daddy” they don’t even think about having to trust that they are in safe hands… They know they are.

Why is it so hard to just know that with God you are in safe hands?

In the dictionary Trust is defined as….  “To have or place reliance; depend”

Depend on God only.