by madiniven

I love to read.
Give me a 500 page book and I’ll finish it in a day.
I enjoy going to the library and scoping out the new books.
I’ll stay awake all night to finish a it.

I was reading a really cool story in the bible last night ( it was one of those murder stories)…. It’s in Jeremiah.
Okay so I’ll write the story out the way I read it! (Jeremiah 41)

In mid-autumn.. A man named Ishmael, who was apart of Royalty, went to Gedaliah’s house(in Mizpah) to eat some good home cooking. Of course since Ishmael is royalty he brought some of his men to eat at the house with him and Gedaliah. ( Gedaliah was the governor over Mizpah b/c King Asa fortified the city )
So out of nowhere, during dinner,all the of Ishmael’s men pulled their swords out and like murdered Gedaliah!
( How scary would that be??? )
The next day…. before word had gotten out about Gedaliah’s murder, eighty men were on their way to worship in the Lord’s Temple.. so they had shaved their beards, torn there clothes and cut themselves (ouch!).

But before they even got to the Temple…. Ishmael left Mizpah to meet the men.
He was weeping on his way… When they finally got close enough to hear what he was saying…. Ishmael said, ” Oh, Come and see what has happened to Gedaliah!”
So all the men went with him.
And…. once the eighty men were in town… Ishmael’s men murdered them! okay… not all of them, ten of the guys begged for mercy and got to live in exchange for giving there stores of wheat,barley and honey to Ishmael!
So since Gedaliah was dead… I assume Ishmael considered himself a conqueror of that town!
Ishmael like took captive the king’s daughter’s and everyone in the town.
He was on his way ( with all the captives) to the land of Ammon.
Then while all the people were drinking water at a pool near Gibeon…
a man named Johanan and all his men were on their way to capture Ishmael and set the people free.
So all in all the chapter ended well… when Johanan went to the pool.. all the people saw them and started cheering.. and actually started helping Johanan. I imagined it like a war scene where all the poor people stand up for themselves and help defeat the enemy!
But… Ishmael and all his men got away!

I love stories where the good people win… even though Johanan didn’t capture the bad guys… he helped the good guys!

I thought I would share this story with you because… honestly i have never heard of it before. And it was really interesting to me! 😀