Silence is Golden..

by madiniven

I’ve heard this saying many times…
I’m a major talker around family and close friends..
So when I hear the saying.. “Silence is Golden..” I starting thinking about what a life with no talking would be like…
People would have to learn to communicate in different ways…
The same with God.
If I just turned on some Christian music and sat in silence… and just waited for God..

Then I would have to be growing in God through silence instead of the regular one sided conversation… since I usually talk the whole time and once I let everything in my mind out, I leave… not even listening to what God might have said to me.

I’ll give an example….

Let’s say I walk up to my dad and start a conversation about how my day was… and I give a full description of everything that happened.
He waits patiently as I tell what happened that was good… and all that was bad.
He nods his head as I speak for a long time.
Then I end with… ” Well… That’s pretty much it..”
He starts to open his mouth to speak… and I walk away.

Maybe that’s how God feels when some of His children pray to him..

Sitting in Silence is something that is really hard for me.

So.. I’m going to try this with God.
I’m going to make my conversations with God two-sided.