by madiniven

I usually never do two posts in one day… but right now I feel this urgency.
I read a sad story that showed me how our world is not even near perfect..
People need God’s love more than ever.
I know our world is pretty messed up… and I just know that we as Christians have to make Jesus Christ known.
Today a lady was talking to me on facebook about how Christians need to keep crying out for our generation….
I just have begun to think about all the kids who are my age that don’t care God. It makes me sad.
And even all the people in different countries who don’t know God.
So… my point of this blog is to put the same urgency in you! So many people on OUR planet are dying without even knowing their Creator.

This is a good urgency to me… it’s like my mind is finally clicking with some of God’s thoughts…
Pray for all these people who don’t know God.
This is serious.
God wants us to show his love and who he is!
We are ambassadors of Christ!
Tell people about Him… with an urgency!
Everyone Needs to/ Has to know God Loves them!