Love Train… <3

by madiniven

You all know the famous song….
” What is love.. baby don’t hurt me no more…”
And of course February is the love month. So I’m not going to talk about love as in “dating relationships” because… honestly I don’t know enough stuff about that to like be able to write about it. But I am going to write about love as in the way Jesus showed love on earth.
So… if love is a way of showing a someone they are special to you.
Then… hate is showing someone that they mean nothing to you.
I’m sure you have heard your mom or dad say that “Hate is such a big word”
And it is.
Jesus wouldn’t have mentioned to “love one another” if loving people wasn’t a big deal.
Love was the REASON Jesus came to the earth and died… and of course rose again.
In John 3:16 it says… For God so LOVED the World…
Love is often defined as a romantic relationship.. but I think that their has to be something deeper in love..
God shows us how to love… He loved us by sending his son..
So shouldn’t we show others the same type of love… I think that a way of showing a person love is showing them God’s love. And maybe even telling them about his love.

The Love train could start when you tell someone their CREATOR loves them… and then they could tell someone and that person could tell someone… thus starting the train of showing God’s love.

So love before even thinking about Hate.
For God loved you before you were born(much less even made)… so you should love others.