Random thoughts…

by madiniven

I have been thinking about the grace of God. How many times have we drifted away from God? Yet He always accepts us again. No matter how many times I mess up.. God will always love me.
Have you ever had a friend who has messed up or lied to you?
Do you give them the same grace God has given to you time and time again?
This is something I’m having to learn to do.. and trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds.
In my bible class, my teacher described grace as getting what don’t deserve.
So even though someone you know doesn’t deserve even the tiniest amount of grace.. you should still give it to them. Because that’s what God did for us.
We don’t deserve forgiveness, but God sent his son to give it to us.
And we are ambassadors of Christ so shouldn’t we show the same grace that he gave us?
I think this a good random thought.
Try giving grace to people.. I’ll be right along side you trying to do the same! 🙂