by madiniven

I love listening to songs that I connect with. Songs that sweep away all my worries. I just listen to them with my brain picking out certain lines that apply to me.
I have been obsessed with this one song. Just click the play button and listen to it while your reading!

It is called “Tears of the Saints” By Leeland.
The lyrics effect me deeply. There are few songs that do this to me.. but again I am really
like into this song. I have listened to it many times. It’s a song about
People who are just not right with God, or much less know about Him. I agree with the
lyrics about this being an emergency. People are dying everyday
without even knowing God… or even wanting to know him.
Something about that really burdens my spirit.
I feel like God is calling me and you to pray for these people. Whether it is your dad, next door neighbor, or even someone in Russia that you don’t even know.
I’m really challenging you to go on this mission of praying
for all these prodigal sons and daughters so to speak.
So like do this with me, it’s not a waste, trust me. God listens. 🙂