Last is first..

by madiniven

At my church the preacher has been talking a lot about being a servant.
In fact tonight a guy dressed up as Jesus wiped everyone’s shoes off. Honestly it felt really awkward, I can see how Peter didn’t want the SAVIOR of the universe to wipe his nasty feet. It wasn’t awkward “how” the guy wiped our feet, but the fact that he did! He got down on the ground.. hands and knees, to wipe our feet. What a way to serve someone. Serve someone usually won’t benefit you right then and there, in fact you may not get your blessing until you get into the perfect presence of God. But it is still something that we are called to do. Jesus did something that would ruin his reputation, and yet he couldn’t have cared less what people thought.
He came to the earth to serve us.
He died for us.
Would you go into a random place and offer to wash someones feet?
Would you stoop down to the level of offering to clean the restroom of a restaurant?
We are called to do things that like put other people above us and make us last.
The first will be last… and the last will be first.
Be a servant first.
I challenge you.