Fooled again….

by madiniven

I can just imagine a miner’s face when he finds a huge, untouched cave… where maybe… just maybe his treasure will be… GOLD! After searching for long hours on end.. he sees a beautiful glimmer in the darkness of the cave. Has he found what he has been searching for years? Hope rises in him as he draws closer to natures beauty! He wonders what he’ll do with all the money and how he will prove everyone who doubted him wrong! Can’t you just imagine the creepy smile that slithers onto his face??

He spends a long amount of time, being ever so careful to not damage the preciousness of the rock.
After carrying all the gold his pack will hold, he goes into a town where he is graciously greeted by a geologist! Excitement rises in him! The towns-person laughs at the miner! ” Another fool’s gold”

Fool’s gold…it is too good to be true.. The definition of fools gold is: A gold-colored mineral that is often mistaken for real gold.

Aren’t we all at sometime like this miner?? We chase after something only to find out we were fooled. Teens chase after popularity, Adults chase after Financial success. Why go through this never ending cycle of chasing after stuff that doesn’t matter??? Run after something worth living for… run after Christ.

Don’t be like the miner who was easily fooled by fake gold… Chasing after stuff that will gain you acceptance
in the world is crazy! The only acceptance you need is from God.

….Fool’s gold….