Reveal Yourself to me God…

by madiniven

This is my prayer….
God, Reveal Yourself to your people, your children. Open our eyes to your Kingdom, give us hope when everything in life is hopeless. Be the peace-maker of broken families. God let your children find refuge in you!
Psalm 31:3
“You’re my cave to hide in,
my cliff to climb.
Be my safe leader,
be my true mountain guide.
Free me from hidden traps;
I want to hide in you.
I’ve put my life in your hands.
You won’t drop me,
you’ll never let me down. “

God, you are a God who provides things that are indescribable!

God! Let us see you in a new light!  I love this one line from a Hillsong song.

It says… ” Let darkness tremble in Your holy light”

Can you even imagine darkness trembling in GOD’S Holy light! What an awesome way to describe God!