Losing food..

by madiniven

Jesus said “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.” I believe that losing this food is chance for my soul to gain a deeper relationship with the Creator of this Universe! God is the only thing we should live for! He is so awesome!

Yea… this is a short post but I’m really hungry! I’m off to eat a snack! : )

Losing food… Part two!
HA! I’m back! I feel as though God is drawing me closer to Him. Though I’m not being able to be to enjoy the food that my body “desires” ( I put it in quotes b/c,i don’t think my body was designed to be eating all this junk)
I still feel a pull towards Him, a pull i’ve honestly never felt before. I love how God works, He has just cease to amaze me! I love GOd!