Number 11..

by madiniven

Eating all these veggies and fruits have been great for my body… but I’m craving a number 11 from McDonald’s. I feel a lot healthier and I’m glad i have chance to grow with God(though every second of everyday is a chance to grow with Him).. but they don’t call it a Fast for nothing… It’s really hard having to Fast fast-food and junk food and everything not grown by God …. so pretty much fruits and veggies. I really like me some good ole grub! Fried green tomatoes, french fries.. okra, you fry it… i’ll eat it! Ha! 20 more days and I’ll be stuffin’ that “good” stuff down my mouth! haha.
The first day of the fast(yesterday) I went to the grocery store… ha… well that was extremely hard.. especially all the smells that were calling my name! But I think I’m getting more strength in the fact that it’s getting easier to say “yes” to spending time with God and “no” to unhealthy junk food! I’m loving God more and more each day!